Terms and conditions

The basic terms and conditions for a title pawn are as follows:

Title Pawn ASAP is not considered a financial institution by the state of Georgia Department of Banking and Finance. All transactions conducted with Title Pawn ASAP are defined as “PAWN” transactions. Business is conducted in the State of Georgia Only!

  • Pawns transactions that become more than 10 days delinquent will become subject to loss of collateral.
  • Non-payment on pawn transactions will result in loss of collateral.
  • Title Pawn ASAP practices responsible lending to those in need of funds for emergencies and other immediate financial needs. Title Pawn ASAP does not lend with the anticipation of default to gain control of collateral. Please borrow responsibly to ensure retention of collateral.
  • The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on pawns may be as high as 300%. A title lien fee may be charged to clients based on state requirements.
  • Extensions of a pawn transactions are only by agreement of both parties and are subject to timely payment. The maximum term of a transaction is 36 months.
  • See “contact us” tab for a physical address.
  • Title Pawn ASAP complies and adheres to the local pawn code.